Expert Reviews for May 2014

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  • Padron

    Alex Father & Son Duos Expert Pick
    Why He Likes It: What more is there to say about Padron? The Nicaraguan puros have been immensely popular, and the brand churns our delicious cigars at an alarmingly consistent rate. This ‘90’ rated beauty is no exception. Loaded with toasty notes of coffee, cedar, and hints of caramel, this is the perfect Father’s Day blend. …
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  • Oliva Serie 'V'

    Andrew Father & Son Duos Expert Pick
    Why He Likes It: This Oliva blend is the apex of strength and beauty. Serie ‘V’ is a potent cigar, but never over-powering, with cascading, savory notes of cedar and leather and a commanding, spicy finish. The ‘94’ rating only adds to the allure of this legendary blend. Passing this one over would be a crying shame, although it would leave some more for me. …
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  • CAO Extreme

    Sean G Four Times The Ligero
    CAO is one of my favorite brands out there. In fact, CAO Brazilia was the first cigar I’ve ever had and still one I go back to from time to time. The problem has been that their most recent releases haven’t lived up to my expectations. So when CAO Extreme hit our docks, I was a little skeptical. But the brand has done me enough good over the years to warrant me picking up a 5 pack to …
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