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The Griffin's Nicaragua

Dave A More Powerful Creature

I’ve always been a fan of The Griffin’s. When you’re in the mood for a reliable morning or mid-day mellow cigar, they never let you down. So when I heard that Davidoff was releasing The Griffin’s Nicaragua, I knew I had to try one. True to Nicaraguan form, it is a complete departure from the original Connecticut offering. In fact, the only thing they have in common was the superior construction. The Griffin’s Nicaraguan packs quite a punch right from the start, especially the Short Torpedo size. Wasting no time, you are immediately hit with a bold spice up front along with notes of chocolate, leather, and cedar in the background. I did detect a slight bitterness on the tongue on the finish towards the end of the cigar but nothing that made the cigar any less enjoyable. This is a well-blended, medium to full-bodied cigar that brings The Griffin’s brand into a whole new realm for fans of full-bodied, Nicaraguan tobacco. And despite all its boldness, a hint of that signature Dominican tobacco in the filler still lingers.