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Nub by Oliva

Sean G Nub Habano
460 (4" x 60) Oily wrapper offering a complexity that seems more potent than other Habano leaves. Much spice noticeable on the palate with a hint of sweetness in the finish. Average burn time is about 60 minutes.

464 Torpedo (4" x 64) Burned slightly uneven but still produced rich, toasty flavors with peppery nuances. Draw was a bit tight for the size and shape but this particular stick was incredibly complex and eventful. Average burn time is about 70 minutes.

358 (3.7" x 58) Rich with hints of espresso in the initial light. Becomes slightly more robust as the cigar burns and provides ample spice through the nose. Average burn time is about 45 minutes.

466 (4" x 66) Thick cigar that is slightly uncomfortable to hold between the lips. Offers a peaty taste with pepper and spicy sensations, much complexity and a robust finish. Average burn time is about 80 minutes.