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  • Macanudo Inspirado Black

    John M. A Bold Blend From Macanudo
    You’d be hard pressed to find an enthusiast who hasn’t sampled one of Macanudo’s many blends. You’d be even more hard pressed to find one who hasn’t at least heard of the brand during its nearly 50 year run. The brand started out in Jamaica in the late 60s, but moved to the Dominican Republic a few years later where it set down permanent roots. At first, the cigars were mellow and packed with …
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  • Brick House Connecticut

    John M. A Mellower Brick House
    Easily one of J.C. Newman’s most popular cigar lines, Brick House has cornered the market on top notch cigars at an unbeatable price. Each blend is beautifully balanced with a pleasing aromas, and a throng of satisfying tasting notes. The original Brick House cigar was well-received by both fans and critics, and earned a well-deserved spot in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars of 2010. The maduro …
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  • Gispert Intenso

    Tim Not Your Grandfather's Gispert
    For those of you familiar with Gispert, you know that its original blend is on the mellow to medium side. It’s a great cigar that’s well made and has elegant notes of cream and leather, but it’s not exactly the most complex cigar you’ll ever enjoy, and while I appreciate this cigar’s accessibility, I like something with a little more oomph. Apparently others feel the same, and Gispert heard the …
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  • Gurkha Symphony

    Dave Expert Picks: Connecticut Summer Expert Pick
    While I don’t find myself reaching for Gurkha cigars all too often these days, it’s impossible to forget how good this ‘91’ rated gem is. Symphony has become one of the most popular Connecticut-wrapped cigars in our inventory. Superb construction and every smooth puff makes Gurkha Symphony a must-try for every aficionado.…
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  • Hoyo Excalibur

    Andrew Expert Picks: Connecticut Summer Expert Pick
    Hoyo de Monterrey offers a solid lineup of cigars, including one of my standbys: Hoyo Excalibur. A Connecticut leaf surrounds Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers for a combination that gives this blend a medium body. Notes of spice and wood which are complemented by a satisfying creaminess, this is a cigar that will never disappoint.…
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