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Diesel Uncut

Andrew All Summer Long Expert Pick
If you read through more than three issues of our catalog you know I have a rather large affinity for anything AJ Fernandez makes. One of his newest releases the Diesel uncut is one of my newest everyday smokes but they do pack a punch so I tend to leave these for my last smoke of the evening. As the name might infer the uncut has an unfinished foot resembling something like a turtle neck that’s collapsed upon it’s self but gives it’s a rustic feeling on first removal from the cello. Don’t worry about the unfinished bit as it won’t need to be sheared off, but I do prefer this smoked via a punch or v-cut. The Pennsylvania broadleaf used here appears smooth with just a bit of tooth, but upon lighting it will bare it’s teeth with a good blast of pepper and spice. Once you hit the second inch, it will start to mellow or maybe just get akin to the spice and the real character starts to show. In the sweet spot, the blend still has a very full character with a rich heavy smoke the cedar and burnt espresso notes which combine nicely with the slight hints of sweetness that is inherent with the sugar content of your average maduro. This one goes out just like it came with a good measure of spice and best paired with a rum or bourbon that holds just  a bit of sweetness of notes of vanilla. Also considering the price of $4.00 or less per cigar this is a good solid smoke that even the most budget conscious can afford.