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Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

Bryan Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ

Belicoso (5.7"x52) Creamy brown and silky wrapper. Effortless draw with a ton of earthy flavors and spice off the bat. Full-bodied and complex with three major changes in character. Good to the nub with excellent construction the whole way through.

Salomon (7.2"x57) Beautiful looking and smelling cigar. Some minor burn issues but great construction. A lot of full, earthy flavors with a lot of spice and a full body. Complex and well balanced. Great cigar to dedicate some time to.

Sublime (6.0"x54) Creamy Brown and silky wrapper with a strong pre-light aroma. Full earthy flavors with a full body to back it up. Heavy tobacco and earthy notes. Easy draw with a lot of smoke. Rich aroma. Never became hot or bitter. Excellent cigar. Extremely Cubanesque with consistent construction and quality