Expert Reviews for November 2008

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  • La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

    Bryan La Aroma de Cuba Edition Especial
    No. 2 (4.8" x 48) Easy draw with tons of different aromas. Burned perfectly even from start to finish and was incredibly complex. The smoke produced a ton of cedar-like nuances with a definitive cinnamon flavor in the aftertaste. Did not notice many sweet flavors. No. 5 (5.5" x 52) Great size with a cool and even burn. Noticeably complex with cedar, earth, white pepper, and spicy …
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  • Tatuaje La Riqueza

    Dave La Riqueza
    #2 Torpedo (5.5" x 52) Excellent. Offered earthy nuances at first, then more robust flavors of spice became noticeable throughout. Maintained an even burn with an easy draw and emitted a milky smoke that had a leathery, cedar-like character. Very rich. #3 (5.6" x 46) Initial light was very smooth, with the blend drastically increasing in power within a half inch of enjoyment. The …
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