Expert Reviews for February 2012

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  • Mark Twain

    Alex Mellow Monsters
    Value, value, value. Connecticut wrapper leaf isn't cheap and finding a great value can prove quite difficult. Mark Twain caught my attention due to its delicious appearance and its economy-balanced price point. As soon as I fired one up I found an awarding, premium experience for a fantastic value. I've lit up more expensive cigars that haven't treated me this well. …
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  • CAO Gold

    Tim Mellow Monsters
    I met a CAO rep a few years ago. Asked about his favorite CAO, without hesitation he replied, "CAO Gold." I thought he was just trying to move a slow seller to a gullible, albeit handsome salesman like myself. However, I've since smoked scores of these and he wasn't lying. One of the best mellow cigars I've ever had! Call and I'll set you up with one of these samplers today. …
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  • 5 Vegas Gold

    Andrew Mellow Monsters
    A great new size! The fat 60-ring lends a subtle yet discernable and smooth, almost creamy characteristic. This lovely Connecticut brings in woody, nutty notes mixed with just a hint of pepper that balances perfectly on your palate. Certainly worth its weight in gold, pick up some Bullions today and I promise they won't depreciate in value.…
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  • Oliva Connecticut Reserve

    Josh Mellow Monsters
    Connecticut wrappers are delicate leaves. If not properly applied, they'll easily burn uneven or split due to improper humidity. You won't find these problems with Oliva-made cigars, especially Connecticut Reserve. Construction is key. You'll get all those earthy, subtle flavors you love but you're guaranteed a proper burn and draw. 'Nuff said. …
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  • Rocky Patel Connecticut

    Tina Mellow Monsters
    We're in the final stretch of our frigid days in PA, and only a Guinness in one hand and a Rocky Patel Connecticut in the other will get me through. This smooth and crisp handmade was one of my first cigars, and remains one of my favorite go-to. If you haven't tried this yet, you're missing out! …
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  • San Lotano Requiem

    Bryan San Lotano Habano
    Robusto (5.0"x54): A great size to start this line off with. A nice mixture of cream and spice right up front will instantly get your palate’s attention. The size is good for about 45 minutes of enjoyment; just enough for a nice break in your day. Toro (6.0"x54): The Toro builds on what the Robusto started. This size is definitely one of the best cigars that have come out …
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