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CAO Brazilia

Dave Brazilia
Gol! (5.0"x56) The big ring allows for a cool,even and effortless burn and draw. The complexities of this size overwhelm the palate with rich nuances and a sweet aftertaste. Enjoyable.

Amazon (6.0"x60) A little longer than the Gol!, this size really opens up after an inch and continues to build in complexity as the cigar burns. Very rich with full flavors.

Lambada (6.0"x50) Offered less pepper up front and burned slightly uneven. The wrapper looked great, however, and the cigar emitted a fantastic aroma.

Ipanema (7.0"x50) This size you'll need at least an hour to enjoy but it doesn't get too exciting until the final 4 inches, where it just builds in strength to become a full-bodied powerhouse towards the nub. Make sure you have a full stomach before trying this one.