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Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut

Dave Edge Lite
Toro (6" x 52) Complex and smooth, this size was very enjoyable. It offered ample spice but remained smooth, with a very creamy smoke. The aroma was earthy and the sweet notes were subtle.

Torpedo (6" x 52) Very complex in comparison to the other sizes and burned incredibly cool. The initial flavor consisted of pepper, which then dissipated into an earthy core before transforming back into a spicy blend. Noticed a ton of sugary sensations in the palate, only masked by a peaty finish. Perfectly constructed and offered an easy draw with thick smoke.

Double Corona (7.5" x 52) Draw was slightly tight but the stick burned slowly. Offered robust notes of pepper to start and continued to produce more complex notes of spice as it burned. Noticed a sweet sensation in the finish but the majority of flavor consisted of light pepper. 

Robusto (5" x 50) Offered some sweet notes with the initial light and burned evenly throughout. The draw was perfect with mellow, yet spicy undertones. Noticeable nutty flavors mix with white pepper in the finish.