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Diesel Unlimited

d.5 (5.5"x54) This size stands out the most due to its amazing balance. The 54 gauge provides an effortless draw, creating thick clouds of hearty, chewy smoke while the length allows for a stead burn and a ton of complexity. Expect a punch of pepper upon first light and then a bold rush of competing earthy flavors throughout the finish. Strong, hearty and smooth. Excellent.

d.7 (7.0"x58) If you're looking for a full-bodied power bomb that'll keep you puffing for more than an hour, then go with d.7. This size is incredibly powerful as it begins full-bodied while relentlessly building in strength from head to foot. Be sure to have a full stomach before lighting up this firecracker.

d.X (5.7"x56) The most elegant of the all sizes. Light pepper graces your palate upon first light before becoming increasingly complex as the blend burns. Black pepper and earth are present throughout while the aroma gives off notes of cedar and toasted wood. Cut this torpedo's head down a bit more than usual to prevent a tight draw.

d.6 (6.0"x60) A size for those who can't get enough power. This stick releases massive amounts of smoke and with nothing else but fiery, robust characters throughout. You'll feel the strength in your gut and your head while enjoying a plethora of complex nuances ranging from toast, anise and earth to dark spices, black pepper and cedar. Burned slightly uneven.