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Man O' War Ruination

Belicoso (5.7" x 56) Full-bodied with black pepper and spice noticeable upon first light. Draw was perfect, although the cut to the head of the cigar had to be deeper than most other figurados. The complexities of cedar, earth, and pepper were enjoyable and interesting throughout as most of the strength is felt in the gut, not the head. Excellent!

Robusto No. 1 (5.5" x 54) This size easily lasted 75 minutes and produced a longer finish with a more robust character than the belicoso. The smoke is thick and heavy with an excellent, toasty aroma. Complex with abundant spice throughout and a note of espresso, this is a size for the true, full-bodied enthusiast.

Robusto No. 2 (6" x 60) The huge gauge allows for an incredibly easy draw that emits a ton of smoke and tasty complexities. The different nuances available with this size are easy to taste, from its leathery qualities to its spicy-sweet characteristics, but it did burn slightly uneven. The finish was toasty but not as smooth as the two other sizes.