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5 Vegas Series 'A'

Alpha (6.0"x52) Robust during the first 2 inches, but mellows to become richer in flavor towards the band. Produced many hints of pepper, which blended well with the chocolaty aftertaste. Also offered an easy draw, slow burn, and thick smoke.

Artisan (5.0"x52) Great size. Well blended and extremely complex offering nuances of earth, peat, and cocoa. The initial light was not as robust as the other sizes but the cigar still changed in flavor from inch to inch. Toothy wrapper that burned evenly and slow all the way to the nub.

Anomaly (4.5" x 44) A spicy, 25-minute cigar. Offered the same complexities noticeable in the larger sizes, with added pepper, and burned evenly throughout.

Archetype (6.0"x50) Great draw. Again, the flavors were very robust towards the foot of the cigar and slightly mellowed towards the head. Noticed more peppery nuances over sweetness but the wrapper was cloaked in oil, which coated the palate. Cool burn.

Apostle (7.0"x50) Draw was a bit tight but still allowed all complexities to be enjoyed. Noticed few veins in the wrapper and this size burned slow, providing more than an hour of enjoyment. The sweet aftertaste was not as prominent.