Expert Reviews for January 2016

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  • Hammer + Sickle Hermitage

    Sean G ...the best of Hammer & Sickle
    Hammer & Sickle has always been a brand that’s been on my radar but one that I never tried. So when we got a large shipment in recently, I was pumped to go through the line and see what all the fuss was about. And after burning through a few sticks, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. They weren’t bad but I didn’t think they were worth the lofty rating that one of …
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  • La Perla Habana Black Pearl Original

    Michael Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
    Perfect any time of day, Black Pearl’s smooth subtleties work well as a morning cigar while its full-flavored character is more than worthy as an after dinner indulgence. The Arapiraca wrapper adds some nice complexities without increasing the overall strength. It is a medium-bodied blend with an earthy core and notes of toast and cedar throughout.…
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  • CAO Brazilia

    Dave Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
    One of the most popular cigars featuring a Brazilian wrapper, CAO Brazilia offers up rich nuances of chocolate and spice along with a sweet aftertaste and fantastic aroma. This complex, full-bodied blend is an absolute must-try for enthusiasts looking to check out the rich flavors of Brazilian tobacco.…
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  • La Palina Classic

    Tim Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
    Brazil may have lost the World Cup, but they’re winning my humidor space with some great blends using healthy doses of top-notch Brazilian tobacco.  La Palina Classic may be the finest example.  An oily, Brazilian Habano wrapper leaf is an awesome reason this cigar is included in this sampler.  Buy this and if you don’t enjoy, mail them back to me – I’ll …
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  • Brick House Maduro

    Andrew Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
    Brickhouse is a classic yet affordable top notch maduro from the folks at the JC Newman. Featuring a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper around a Nicaraguan core you can expect some decent strength that is offset by its smoothness with notes of spice and bittersweet chocolate with a few woody hints. This brick house will certainly stand up to any wolf and goes great with any pig… Did somebody say …
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  • Obsidian

    Dean Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
    Pinar del Rio has released some extraordinary cigars, but the Obsidian would have to be their coup de grace. The secret here is the dark and oily Brazilian Habano ligero wrapper. This exterior leaf offers ample complexity with sweet, spicy, and hearty notes. It’s rich, balanced, and highly approachable.…
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