Expert Reviews for September 2009

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  • CAO Brazilia

    Dave Brazilia
    Gol! (5.0"x56) The big ring allows for a cool,even and effortless burn and draw. The complexities of this size overwhelm the palate with rich nuances and a sweet aftertaste. Enjoyable. Amazon (6.0"x60) A little longer than the Gol!, this size really opens up after an inch and continues to build in complexity as the cigar burns. Very rich with full flavors. Lambada (6.0"x50) …
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  • Rocky Patel Vintage '92

    Bryan Rocky Patel Vintage 1992
    Toro (6.5"x50) Construction was top notch as the cigar burned perfectly even from start to finish. The ash still refused to fall after two inches and the aroma offered many flavorful notes of cedar. Much spice is noticeable out the nose but this size still remains smooth with a mellow yet flavorful finish. Torpedo (6.1"x52) Excellent blend with perfect balance. The cigar switched …
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