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Davidoff Winston Churchill

Sean G A lack of complexity
Anytime the boss drops off a pack of 4 cigars that retail at $16.90 per stick, I tend to perk up and put those spreadsheets on hold. Even though I work in this business, I tend to avoid a high priced cigar like this but I’m always happy to give one a go. And since this is being billed as one of Davidoff’s strongest blends, I was excited to say the least. The cigar delivered in the beginning offering a slight hint of spice layered with some notes of cedar and vanilla. But as good as it started, I found the cigar faded rapidly into bland notes of cedar and spice. It wasn’t awful but its lack of complexity was pretty boring to me. I could get into this at an event or special occasion but if I’m sitting on my back porch I’d opt for something with more complexity – and a smaller price point.