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Man O' War Ruination

Sean G Ruination

Robusto No. 1 (5.5" x 54) There is no contest, this size fully portrays all Ruination has to offer. Intense spice overwhelms the palate from the first puff as oaky flavors and earthy mask its hearty, spicy undertones. The thick gauge allows for a smooth, even burn as the blend produces copious amounts of thick smoke. The aroma has notes of pepper with a touch of cedar. Phenomenal.

Belicoso (5.7" x 56) Perfectly constructed and sporting a shiny, oily sheen, this belicoso is slightly less robust with a smoother character than the other sizes. This size is perfect for the medium to full enthusiast looking to try this full-bodied blend but afraid of being overwhelmed with tons of spicy flavors. With great balance, we easily recommend this size to the most discerning aficionados.

Robusto No. 2 (6" x 60) In one word, powerful. Strength overwhelms the complexities found in the thicker sizes as the cigar continues to gain in strength from foot to head, creating an incredibly robust finish. The aftertaste will remain on the palate for a while after the cigar is extinguished. If you prefer a full-bodied firecracker with some complexity but consistently blasts the palate with black pepper, this is your cigar.