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Man O' War Virtue

Toro (6.0"x50) Incredibly smooth and full-flavored from start to finish. Offers a great balance between earth and cedar with a semi-sweet note on the finish.

Churchill (7.5"x52) Produces thick, creamy smoke and maintains a cool, even draw. The complexities are unique as the blend changes in flavor from inch to inch while slowly building in strength. Keeps a bold finish with a rich aftertaste.

Salomon (5.7"x54) Great, limited size for the true enthusiast. The 5.7"x54 frame burns perfectly and the thick foot allows for an easy light. Be sure to toast the foot a little longer than usual, which will allow the multitude of different tobaccos to combust together, producing ample flavor and complexity. Semi-spicy.

Robusto (5.0"x50) Great 45-minute smoke. Bold and hearty from start to finish while maintaining a smooth, toasty aftertaste. One of the best Connecticut-wrapped robustos on the market. If you enjoy tons of thick smoke with an earthy, cedary aroma, go with this size.

Torpedo (6.0"x50) If you enjoy figurados but are looking for something a bit less complex than the Salomon, the torpedo is a great substitute. Offers some complex flavors but the overall blend releases a core of earth and pepper from start to finish. Light sweet nuances intermingle throughout but are masked by a hearty, smooth finish.

Lonsdale (6.0"x44) Incredibly potent but lacks balance. The small ring burned unevenly for the first inch but corrected itself. Flavor stays the same from head to foot while releasing competing notes of pepper and earth. Strongest size in the line with a long finish.