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Daniel Marshall Red Label

Sean L All Summer Long Expert Pick

When we hear the name Daniel Marshall, we automatically think of the world’s most beautifully crafted humidors. The craftsmanship, dedication, and creativity are endless and reverberate through these works of Art. His humidors have been used in films, rest in the homes of stars such as Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger and have been given to notable heads of state, such as George W. Bush. Even the late George Burns could contest to the standard of excellence, he stated in personal letter to Daniel Marshall, "Actually, the humidor is so beautiful that I'm going to start smoking better cigars." Finally, these same skill sets have been used to craft one of the finest cigars on the market today, the Daniel Marshall Red Label.

The Daniel Marshall Red Label was created in the Plasencia tabacalera in Esteli Nicaragua, one of the finest tabacaleras in Central America to date. This particular blend is laden with Nicaraguan long leaves, hailing from the Jalapa Valley, one of the most lush growing regions in the country. Next, it is sealed with a Nicaraguan binder from Esteli, then finally cloaked with a five year aged Cuban seed wrapper--once again from the Jalapa Valley. The wrapper itself is toothy and gives sweet cedar notes to the blend along with a consistent lite spice and notes of cream, which echo throughout the cigar from foot to head. The key to this blend is it's consistency; from start to finish it kept me pleased and not for one moment disappointed or bored. The ash was thick and stable and the thick plumes of smoke billowed across my parlor as I took puff after puff. The smoke was so think and creamy you can literally feel it coat your palate, leaving a lite nutty and cherry finish.

The flavor consistency really made this cigar perfect for pairing. I enjoyed this particular one with a single malt Scotch. The beautiful thing about this stick is that it never once over powered my palate, instead it perfectly complimented my drink, leading to one of those awe inspiring, perfect smoking experiences. This is another reason why I have so many of these sticks in my humidor, despite the plethora of other cigars, I always find my self reaching for one of these beauties. Whether I am out back on the deck firing up the grill, or sitting in the parlor with a book and a glass of Scotch, the Daniel Marshall Red Label is always there to perfectly compliment the moment.