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CAO Black


Mosaic (6.0"x42) Creamy brown, silky wrapper. Very attractive cigar. Pre-light flavors of cedar and light tobacco. Excellent construction with cedar, earthy aromas and some notes of honey. Salty on the palate but well balanced. Spice present through the nose and on the finish. Attractive cigar in a very classic size. Medium to full flavored and bodied with a delicious, long finish.

Storm (5.0"x50) Oily, light brown wrapper. Classic robusto size packed with flavor and well balanced. Great draw and flawless construction. Earth, cedar and salty notes on the palate.

Frontier (7.0"x50) Impressive, cedar wrapped cigar. Silky, creamy brown wrapper with an excellent draw. Salt and earthy notes with wood on the palate. Well balanced and medium to full bodied.

Bengal (6.0"x50) Classic toro size. Excellent burn and construction, which was consistent with all other sizes – extremely well made. Medium flavor and body.

Gothic (6.0"x52) Big cigar with a great deal of flavor. Silky, golden brown wrapper and cool notes on the palate. Never became hot or bitter. Medium to full bodied with earth and wood notes on the palate. Very unique character.