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Alec Bradley White Gold

Sean G I Can't Believe It
This guy has a whole warehouse full of cigars to review and he picks one of the cheap ones?! At least, I imagine that’s what you’re saying now. But, seriously, there’s a place for inexpensive cigars in all our humidors and you know that. Of course, what struck me about this blend was the Alec Bradley name attached to it. That alone is worth a try.

In a nutshell, Alec Bradley’s White Gold is a pretty tasty cigar. I’ve burned through a bunch of these lately. The blend is light and mellow with the typical nutty and creamy notes Connecticuts are known for. It finishes with a hint of spice and remains pretty consistent throughout. For a Cuban-sandwich blend, the construction is superb. This is a cigar you stock up on and fire up everyday when the weather gets warmer.