Father & Son Duos

One of the dying breeds today is a family-run business. Fortunately, that’s not the case in the cigar industry. Most operations have been family owned and operated for decades. And with Father’s Day upon us now, we thought we’d pay homage to some of our favorite father and son run operations. So after consulting with our experts, we’ve assembled some of our favorite blends from the best father/son duos in the business.


Why He Likes It: What more is there to say about Padron? The Nicaraguan puros have been immensely popular, and the brand churns our delicious cigars at an alarmingly consistent rate. This ‘90’ rated beauty is no exception. Loaded with toasty notes of coffee, cedar, and hints of caramel, this is the perfect Father’s Day blend.
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Why He Likes It: This ‘93’ rated Dominican puro from Fuente never lets me down. The initial blast of flavor from the perfecto tip sets the tone for a smooth, flavorful blend ripe with flavors of leather, earth, and hints of spice. Limited in production, these beauties are a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.
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Father & Son Duos

Why He Likes It: E.P. Carrillo’s Cardinal Series is one of the most complex blends I’ve experienced in a long time. With so many nuances, it’s tough to specify each one. Balanced is the word. Strong, yes, but this might be the smoothest full-bodied cigar on the market today. Nothing is out of place with this masterful blend.

Oliva Serie 'V'

Why He Likes It: This Oliva blend is the apex of strength and beauty. Serie ‘V’ is a potent cigar, but never over-powering, with cascading, savory notes of cedar and leather and a commanding, spicy finish. The ‘94’ rating only adds to the allure of this legendary blend. Passing this one over would be a crying shame, although it would leave some more for me.
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My Father Le Bijou 1922

E Staff: Sean L Sean L
Why He Likes It: My Father Le Bijou 1922 is one of the finest blends from Tabacalera My Father.  This beauty is draped in a flawless Ecuadorian-grown Habano Oscuro wrapper, which imparts succulent notes of cedar, earth, and spice. From start to finish, this blend is complex and satisfying—like father, like son.
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