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Tatuaje 10 Year Anniversary

Bryan Tatuaje 10 Year
Belle Encre (5.4”x48, Perfecto): Full disclosure: I’m not a big Tatuaje fan. Don’t get me wrong, the cigars are made with supreme tobaccos, construction, and an incredible attention to detail. After going through a big Tatuaje phase two years ago, it’s hard for me to get excited about another blend from this brand. With Tatuaje 10th Anniversary, I was peer-pressured into picking one up. Immediately upon lighting it up, I knew this was something different; something special. While the perfecto isn’t normally my size of choice, any enthusiast will enjoy this straight down to the nub.

Bon Chasseur (5.4”x52): I found this size to be where the blend really shines. Even on both sizes, once you light it up, you can tell how much time and effort went into fermenting the perfectly even Nicaraguan tobaccos. Strong notes of coffee, earth, leather, and spice provide a thick, chewy smoke that saturates your palate in the best way possible. After enjoying cigar after cigar for my profession, this blend was a breath of fresh air and one of the finer cigars this reviewer has had in a while.