Expert Reviews for May 2013

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  • Gurkha Black Ops Maduro

    Dave Black Ops Dark Side
    Robusto (5.0"x52): Really creamy and smooth for a semi-hearty maduro. Easily medium-bodied with a touch of extra strength when cycling the smoke through your nostrils. Well-balanced, the blend remains consistent in flavor from head to foot with a mellow finish. A pleasure to burn. Toro (6.0"x50): Maintains that smooth, creamy character while adding a bit more strength to the finish. …
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  • Cohiba Red Dot

    Josh Can't Go Wrong
    I’m not a huge Cohiba fan and I typically dislike Cameroon wrapper, but this is one Cameroon-wrapped cigar I actually enjoy. It’s bold and slightly spicy but well-balanced and incredibly smooth. And if my discerning palate likes it, then that means you might just like it as well. Medium to full-bodied but with a mellow character. Very good. …
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  • AVO Classic

    Alex Can't Go Wrong
    I’m a premium cigar guru. I don’t usually enjoy "run of the mill" cigars. I love blends that hail from boutique cigar factories and I don’t focus on price. That said, AVO hails from the Davidoff factory and is simply one of the best tasting, Connecticut-wrapped cigars I’ve ever had. It offers full flavors but remains incredibly smooth. Truly perfect for anyone, …
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  • Man O' War Puro Authentico

    Tim Can't Go Wrong
    Full-bodied and full of spice, Puro Authentico is the perfect blend in the perfect size for me. This may be AJ’s personal cigar, but it is now my evening cigar. Every evening. I hope AJ’s OK with me taking a chunk out of his stash. Tasting notes: Tastes good … real good. Buy the sampler and try this cigar, it’s the right thing to do. …
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  • Nica Libre

    Andrew Can't Go Wrong
    Padrón is nice and all, but hard to come by. Enter Nica Libre by AJ. Of course we all know the love I hold for his blends. This one being incredibly smooth and exhibiting rich coffee and chocolate notes with a bit of cedar and spice make for a perfectly rounded taste. Free yourself and your wallet from overpriced stogies with this jewel. …
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