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Torano Dominico

Toro (6" x 50) Burned evenly from start to finish with an effortless draw that burned cool and slow. Many earthy nuances were abundant as the flavor and strength slowly build as the cigar burns.

Torpedo (6.2" x 52) The head needed to be cut a bit further than anticipated but the blend really opened up, releasing a slew of complexities ranging from pepper and toast to espresso with a spicy nuance in the finish. Rich, full-flavored and easily medium-bodied, this size is a winner.

Churchill (7" x 48) Slightly less complex than the torpedo, the 7 x 48 frame kept a slow and steady burn, although some heat was noticeable to the touch. The complexities slowly changed throughout as the flavor mellowed towards the finish and the strength continued to increase.

Robusto (5" x 50) No construction problems existed but the smooth, toasty finish wasn't present in comparison to the torpedo and toro. The blend was very robust from the start and kept building towards the end. The finish was not balanced.