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Camacho Triple Maduro

Corona (5.5”x44): I always like to start a blend off with the corona size if possible. Even with all the “you-can-taste-the-components-better” argument, I think the coronas offer an enthusiast a nice appetizer of what’s to come from the blend. The corona size doesn’t disappoint. Wafting waves of spice and rich espresso sweetness, this size offers a nice kick start to your relaxation. 90/100 [Buy Now]

Robusto (5.0”x50): Jumping up in ring gauge, the robusto size offers a semi-diluted taste to what the corona brings. The spice is toned down but the espresso qualities shine through more. Overall though, you’d expect more from a cigar dubbed “Triple Maduro”. 88/100 [Buy Now]

6.0”x60 (well, I’m sure you can guess): To me, this is where Triple Maduro shines. There’s minimal spice on the finish and your palate is bombarded by rich, maduro flavors. While any copy will tell you this is a full-bodied cigar, this size is so smooth and chocolaty you barely recognize the strength. This blend is something you can get lost to and truly relax.