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Java by Drew Estate

Andrew Expert Picks: Supreme Infusions Expert Pick
A cigar jam-packed with coffee! Java sure holds to its namesake. A luscious, extra-fermented maduro wrapper secures a fine mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been generously infused with espresso and cocoa. These aromas work wonderfully with a sweetness from the cap.
A cigar jam-packed with coffee! Java sure holds to its namesake. A luscious, extra-fermented maduro wrapper secures a fine mix of Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been generously infused with espresso and cocoa. These aromas work wonderfully with a sweetness from the cap.
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AVO 30 Years LE Maduro

Andrew Expert Picks: Through the Years Expert Pick
AVO has stood the test of time, and smoking any of them will explain why. The 30 Years LE Maduro with a beautiful Connecticut wrapper brings in a smooth experience with decadent notes of chocolate, oak, and leather layering throughout. This blend truly lives up to the saying you get what you pay for!…
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Room101 Miami Snow

Andrew Expert Picks: Holiday Handmades Expert Pick
Room 101 and my buddy AJ Fernandez pair up to make Miami Snow. An Ecuadorian CT wrapper drapes this Honduran puro bringing in a flavorful, creamy, mellow smoke with notes of nuts, cedar, and hints of pepper. You might not be able to build a snowman, but this is six inches of snow you won't have to shovel!…
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Drew Estate Nica Rustica

Andrew Expert Picks: Must-Have Maduros Expert Pick
Drew Estate wins my heart again with another full-bodied blend. Nica Rustica comes on strong as a Nicaraguan puro hugged in a Connecticut Broadleaf, bringing in notes of earth, spice, and coffee that builds throughout. Rough but refined, Drew Estate Nica Rustica is never a tough decision when it comes to enjoying a great cigar.…
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Diamond Crown Julius Caeser

Andrew Expert Picks: Habano Heat Wave Expert Pick
Diamond Crown has always been known for their quality, and Julius Caeser is spot-on! A stunningly silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper cloaks Dominican fillers bringing in notes of wood, spice, and coffee. This is one blend you never have to worry about stabbing you in the back!…
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Drew Estate Cigars Undercrown Maduro

Andrew Expert Picks: Summer Starters Expert Pick
Drew Estate  takes the crown and wears it proudly. Undercrown is just like a slightly mellower Liga Privada No.9, but with a San Andrés wrapper around a mix of Nicaraguan and Brazilian long-fillers. You can expect a medium-bodied experience that is creamy and balanced—long live the Undercrown!…
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Camacho Corojo

Andrew Expert Picks: All-Time Greats Expert Pick
I've always been a long time Camacho fan; and if you've had any of their blends, you might agree. Corojo is a robust medley of Honduran fillers with a Corojo wrapper that hits upfront with spice, pepper, earth, and some lingering sweetness—sometimes seeing red isn't such a bad thing!…
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Oliva Serie 'O'

Andrew Expert Picks: Spring Into Sun Grown Expert Pick
Oliva continues to produce hit after hit, and Serie 'O' is still a classic. Few Nicaraguan puros pull it off well, but this beauty is full with notes of cedar up front, hints of nuts, and a smattering of spices, all which carry a slight sweetness that builds over the course of the smoke.…
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Micallef Experiencia La Crema

Andrew Expert Picks: Spring Favorites Expert Pick
Micallef may be the new kid on the block, but they are no one hit wonder. Experiencia features a flawless Sumatra wrapper draping a tri-country blend that offers a medium-bodied experience. Expect subtle cocoa sweetness mixed with slightly earthy and pepper tones. Once you sample one of their blends you'll be drawn to try them all.…
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Fratello Navetta

Andrew Expert Picks: Silver & Gold Expert Pick
Known for releasing flavorful boutique blends, Fratello does it again with the out-of-this-world Navetta. Covered with an Ecuador Oscuro Habano leaf with Nicaraguan fillers beneath, this medium to full-bodied premium offers notes of wood, earth, and spice. This is one cigar you'll be over the moon for!…
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Joya de Nicaragua Red

Andrew Expert Picks: Winter Winners Expert Pick
Joya de Nicaragua is known for its full-bodied blends, but it stepped out of the box with Red. This Nicaraguan puro is surrounded with a Nicaraguan-grown wrapper, which brings a smooth oak nuance up front with earth, spice, and a bit of leather that lingers in the background. This premium will leave you with seeing anything but Red.…
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Guardian of the Farm

Andrew Expert Picks: Favorite Fallbacks Expert Pick
Warped and Casa Fernandez collaborated to make a masterpiece with Guardian of the Farm. With bold Nicaraguan fillers and a Corojo wrapper, I expected more strength, but it yielded a medium body with notes of earth and hints of cinnamon. Guardian will certainly be keeping a watch on my humidor for a while.…
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Drew Estate Cigars Undercrown Maduro

Andrew Expert Picks: Absolute All-Stars Expert Pick
If you like Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9, you've got to try Undercrown Maduro. A solid medium-bodied Nicaraguan blend, this cigar is draped in a toothy San Andrés maduro leaf and will treat your palate to notes of coffee, earth, nuts, and a bit of leather. Truly a crowned jewel in my collection.…
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601 Green Oscuro

Andrew Expert Picks: A Summer to Savor Expert Pick
601 Green is draped in a dark Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapper and brimming with well-aged Nicaraguan long-fillers. Full-bodied without being overpowering, this flavorful cigar will entice the palate with notes of leather, coffee, and cocoa. 601 is not only a brand, but also the number of these I wish I had in my stash.…
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My Father La Antiguedad

Andrew Expert Picks: Father's Favorites Expert Pick
You know I love strong stuff so no shocker I picked My Father La Antiguedad. Draped in an Ecuador Habano wrapper with a unique dual binder of Corojo and Criollo and a bounty of Nicaraguan fillers beneath, this cigar has strong notes of coffee, pepper, and chocolate. A winning addition to any humidor.…
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Aging Room Quattro F55

Andrew Expert Picks: Choice Churchills Expert Pick
Aging Room Quattro F55 is an amazing cigar. Medium to full-bodied, it opens with spice and leather, then mellows to earthy coffee tones with some slightly sweet woody notes. After enjoying one, you’ll need to clear out the humidor for an entire box!…
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Man O' War Damnation

Andrew Expert Picks: Spring Fever Expert Pick
Of course, I picked another AJ and it’s fantastic! Man O’ War Damnation is a strong blend that opens with spice, leather, and oak, but mellows with coffee notes and some cherry on the finish. Make sure to complete your warrior training before taking on Damnation.…
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Ave Maria Divinia

Andrew Expert Picks: Year of the Favorites Expert Pick
Truly a work of divine inspiration. I love anything AJ Fernandez makes, and this is no exception. Made primarily with Nicaraguan tobacco, this medium to full-bodied cigar opens with heavy spice, which mellow to notes of leather and earth. This blend will carry you on angel's wings until the end.…
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Inca Secret Blend

Andrew Expert Picks: Holiday Classics Expert Pick
A truly unique blend as not many use Peruvian tobacco; this solid, medium-bodied premium brims with tones of leather, wood, and earth, with some floral notes on the finish. Make sure you discover this secret for yourself—but don't tell too many others because they may disappear!…
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Diesel Heart of Darkness

Andrew Expert Picks: After Dinner Powerhouses Expert Pick
AJ Fernandez, need I say more? My love affair continues with Diesel Heart of Darkness. An Oscuro Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers exude notes of pepper, earth, and a slight hint of coffee. This bold premium is definitely not for the faint of heart.…
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Alec Bradley Tempus Maduro Quadrum

Andrew Expert Picks: Hip to be Squared Expert Pick
Alec Bradley has never failed me, and the Tempus Quadrum is no exception. Blended with Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers cloaked in a Habano wrapper, expect a full smoke with spicy notes of earth and leather balanced nicely by a sweet cedar finish. With a pedigree of multiple top 25 COTY awards, this one will not disappoint.…
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Hoyo Excalibur

Andrew Expert Picks: Connecticut Summer Expert Pick
Hoyo de Monterrey offers a solid lineup of cigars, including one of my standbys: Hoyo Excalibur. A Connecticut leaf surrounds Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers for a combination that gives this blend a medium body. Notes of spice and wood which are complemented by a satisfying creaminess, this is a cigar that will never disappoint.…
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Graycliff Profesionale Series

Andrew Expert Picks: Gilded Gifts Expert Pick
Graycliff is one of the highest quality cigars on the market and the Profesionale line is no exception. Fillers from four countries are wrapped in an Ecuadorian Sumatra Intermedio leaf. The overall experience is smooth with tasting notes of leather, earth, cedar, and hints of spice. …
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Gurkha Governor's Private Blend

Andrew Expert Picks: Big League Blends Expert Pick
This is one limited edition Gurkha that you want to get your hands on. With a deluge of various flavors, this medium-bodied blend offers some exotic spices up front with a mellow backbone of coffee, wood, and touch of natural sweetness. The double perfecto is easily my favorite vitola within the line and makes for a great mid-day indulgence.…
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Ave Maria Divinia

Andrew Expert Picks: Spring Break Expert Pick
Crafted by AJ Fernandez, Divinia takes things to another level. this Cubanesque premium features a hefty amount of Nicaragua tobacco. It opens up with a full hit of spice that mellows gradually into notes of leather, earth, and a mix of woody notes. Certainly full-bodied but heavenly smooth, Divinia is a blessing to have in your humidor. …
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Punch Rare Corojo (2017)

Andrew Expert Picks: Christmas Lights Expert Pick
Punch Rare Corojo delivers a punch right to the taste buds. Featuring a unique blend using an Ecuadorian grown Sumatra wrapper with long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican, Punch Rare Corojo offers a unique touch of sweetness along with leather and earthy wood tones that is very Cubanesque. Beware, this sampler may cause you to buy a whole box! …
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CAO Italia

Andrew Expert Picks: Fall Classics Expert Pick
A favorite from CAO’s popular world collection, Italia utilizes a habano seed that was brought to Italy from Cuba nearly fifty years ago. Featuring a complex blend of Italian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian fillers topped off with a Honduran binder and wrapper, this full-bodied blend offers a unique aroma and flavor you won’t get anywhere else. I often find myself pairing this classic …
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Man O' War Cigars Ruination

Andrew Expert Picks: Ligero-Laced Expert Pick
This is hands down my favorite blend out there. Man O’ War Ruination is a perfect Nicaraguan blend featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. It comes on strong but remains well-balanced with notes of cedar, leather, pepper, and a slight mix of nuts. If I had to choose one cigar to have every day for the rest of my life, this is it. …
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Alec Bradley Connecticut

Andrew Expert Picks: Summer Shade Expert Pick
Alec Bradley Connecticut features a flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper overtop a Nicaraguan and Honduran filler blend that offers earthy notes as well as a mix of wood, nuts, and spice. Have an Alec Bradley Connecticut after your morning bacon and eggs, maybe a bit of Irish coffee, and your day can’t be anything less than perfect.…
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Hoyo Excalibur Cameroon

Andrew Expert Picks: Cameroon Craze Expert Pick
Crafted by one of the most historic cigar companies, Hoyo Excalibur Cameroon makes a statement from first puff. Despite never surpassing a medium body in strength, the cigar holds its weight in terms of flavor. A bold, zesty spice dominates the flavor profile due to a rich blend of tobaccos from Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Connecticut.…
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Padilla 1932

Andrew Expert Picks: Masterfully Balanced Expert Pick
Ernesto Padilla is back, and he’s brought his best recipes with him. Topped with a Habano leaf grown in Ecuador, this full-bodied Nicaraguan blend features notes of cedar and pepper up front with creamy, spicy notes and some pepper in the background. Padilla 1932 is very complex but not too strong that it will have you staggering.…
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Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970

Andrew Expert Picks: Powerhouse Puros Expert Pick
You want strong? I got it right here. Touted to be one of the strongest smokes in production, the Joya De Nic Antaño is not for beginners. Pepper and spice takes the forefront with a bit of leather and gritty earth which blend magically on the palate. the Consul is a must-smoke for full-bodied nuts. …
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Brick House Maduro

Andrew Expert Picks: Brazilian Safari Expert Pick
Brickhouse is a classic yet affordable top notch maduro from the folks at the JC Newman. Featuring a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper around a Nicaraguan core you can expect some decent strength that is offset by its smoothness with notes of spice and bittersweet chocolate with a few woody hints. This brick house will certainly stand up to any wolf and goes great with any pig… Did somebody say …
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Ramon Bueso Genesis Habano

Andrew Expert Picks: Santa's List Expert Pick
Who is Ramón Bueso? Well if you don’t know, you must be new to this catalog. This is the latest blend from Ramón, featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran ligero. The blend is strong but smooth with notes of oak, pepper, earth and bits of leather. This sleeper of a smoke is sure to wake you up and put some pep in your step. …
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Drew Estate Cigars Undercrown Maduro

Andrew Expert Picks: San Andres Selection Expert Pick
A cousin of the famed Drew Estate Liga Privada, this hearty maduro was born in the factory by the rollers themselves, using many of the same tobaccos. The main difference lies in its spicy San Andres maduro wrapper which offers a creaminess and natural sweetness to its core flavors of spice, espresso, and vanilla bean.…
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Zino Platinum Scepter Series

Andrew Connecticut Elegance Expert Pick
Made by the same hands that make treasures like Davidoff this medium bodied beauty holds true to its platinum namesake. The Zino Platinum starts with a bit of unique filler from Peru mixed with mostly Dominican fillers draped by an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. You can expect to find notes of leather and earth. This one is worth its weight in platinum.…
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5 Vegas Series 'A'

Andrew Expert Picks: Maduro Mayhem Expert Pick
The 5 Vegas Serie A has been around for years but it is still a staple in my humidor. The Costa Rican Wrapper combines with a wonderful blend of long fillers to produce a perfect medium bodied smoke with strong notes of cocoa and coffee with just a hint of spice and pepper whose flavors stays consistent from beginning to end. …
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Diesel Uncut

Andrew All Summer Long Expert Pick
If you read through more than three issues of our catalog you know I have a rather large affinity for anything AJ Fernandez makes. One of his newest releases the Diesel uncut is one of my newest everyday smokes but they do pack a punch so I tend to leave these for my last smoke of the evening. As the name might infer the uncut has an unfinished foot resembling something like a turtle neck …
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Savory Sumatrans

Andrew Savory Sumatrans Expert Pick
The Cardinal series runs a bit of the stronger side yet the smoke is rather smooth. Even though this blend is light on spice the power is still there, so don’t let it fool you. Leather is in the forefront of this cigar with a toasty bread note with just a hint of coffee and earth. For heavy hitters out there, this blend packs one serious punch. …
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Latitude Zero

Andrew All I Want For Christmas Expert Pick
This may be the best cigar of 2014. Latitude Zero utilizes the top 1% of the tobacco harvested and comes across medium to full-bodied. Notes of earth, leather, and cedar with hints of espresso migrate from puff to puff. Pair it with something subtle so you don’t miss out on the wondrous complexity. …
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Diesel Unlimited Maduro

Andrew Broadleaf Beauties
Of course, I had to pick the latest from AJ Fernandez. Diesel’s Unlimited Maduro is another full-bodied winner. The spice kicks things off but mellows into a unique cinnamon-type base which is slightly hidden by the earthy and espresso notes. For any maduro lover looking for something new, this one is sure to fit the bill. …
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Oliva Serie 'V'

Andrew Father & Son Duos Expert Pick
Why He Likes It: This Oliva blend is the apex of strength and beauty. Serie ‘V’ is a potent cigar, but never over-powering, with cascading, savory notes of cedar and leather and a commanding, spicy finish. The ‘94’ rating only adds to the allure of this legendary blend. Passing this one over would be a crying shame, although it would leave some more for me. …
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Alec Bradley Connecticut

Andrew Smooth & Mellow Expert Pick
Looking for something light but with lots of flavor? Well look no further and pick up one of these Alec Bradley Connecticut. This gem is loaded with a ton of cedar notes and just a touch of natural sweetness on an overall rich, creamy background. This blend will pair perfectly with a pilsner and can’t be beat for the price.…
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Gurkha Warpig

Andrew Full-Bodied Fanatics Expert Pick
With a name like Warpig, I expected huge flavor right out of the gate. Instead, Warpig sneaks up on you with a slow, deceptive build. Smooth notes of a dark espresso hit you up front while more potent notes of black pepper, oak, and hints of cocoa are apparent through the finish. Truly a well-balanced blend, I like to battle this pig with a nice red wine as a complement.…
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5 Vegas Series 'A'

Andrew Mouthwatering Maduros
Series ‘A’ is a classic stand by for me and one I often have in my humidor. Featuring a Costa Rican maduro wrapper, this stogie is very rich in the 5.5”x55 box-pressed frame, coming in with a nice light sweetness and notes of coffee and chocolate with a good bit of creaminess. All to boot with a pretty-looking price tag, this one is a must-try. …
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Nica Libre

Andrew Can't Go Wrong
Padrón is nice and all, but hard to come by. Enter Nica Libre by AJ. Of course we all know the love I hold for his blends. This one being incredibly smooth and exhibiting rich coffee and chocolate notes with a bit of cedar and spice make for a perfectly rounded taste. Free yourself and your wallet from overpriced stogies with this jewel. …
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601 La Bomba

Andrew New, New, New
601 La Bomba is the newest addition to the 601 line. Produced by Don Pepín García, this stogie is quite literally “the bomb.” Lots of ligero produces strong spice with a good measure of cedar along with some muddy espresso notes. Be warned, only experienced aficionados can diffuse this full-bodied vitola; beginners may need rescuing.…
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Man O' War Cigars Ruination

Andrew Favorable Figurados
Ruination Belicoso is my all-time favorite cigar. I always have a mass of these in my humidor. Full-bodied yet not over bearing, notes of cedar and leather mix well with earthy tones backed up with just enough spice to keep things interesting and enjoyable. Try it yourself but be warned, you might fall in love with it as well. …
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Drew Estate Natural

Andrew Infused Cigars
Calling this cigar "Dirt" is more akin to calling a blonde bombshell "homely." She's dark but still light on her feet and incredible sweet; she's the kind of gal you can smoke in front of your mother as she'll like the aroma. Heavy with coffee and just a hint of earth make Dirt perfect for dessert. Instead of some decaf as a night cap, try Dirt instead. …
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Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project

Andrew Rich Robustos
The best new cigar of 2012. A Connecticut-grown Oscuro wrapper, Jamasatran binder, with masterfully chosen Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers melt perfectly together. Rich in oak and heavy enough on the bittersweet espresso notes that it's chewy with a good measure of spice to hold up to anything with which you'd pair it. …
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5 Vegas Gold

Andrew Mellow Monsters
A great new size! The fat 60-ring lends a subtle yet discernable and smooth, almost creamy characteristic. This lovely Connecticut brings in woody, nutty notes mixed with just a hint of pepper that balances perfectly on your palate. Certainly worth its weight in gold, pick up some Bullions today and I promise they won't depreciate in value.…
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Diesel Cigars

Andrew Cuban-Esque Coronas
Who said bigger is better? I'll tell ya what, this is where it's at, people. Diesel corona: just like its big brother but pint sized. Offering notes of leather and spice on an earthy background yet still smooth, this little guy will last you the better part of an hour if you smoke it properly. Give one a shot and see the greatness these fine coronas have to offer. …
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Andrew Christmas Wish List
Obsidian, for those who don’t know, is a type of black volcanic glass whose shards can be sharper that most any blade. The name suits this great perfecto as it’s draped in a deep, dark maduro with ash that falls as if it were cut with a knife. Starting off smooth and building in flavor, the strength is deceptive with minimal spice and mixed notes of peat, coffee, and leather. Light up …
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Perdomo Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary

Andrew Smooth Summer Stogies
Light on the feet and sure to please. This lovely Connie was once rated cigar of the year by the prestigious Robb Report. The supple Connecticut and delectable long fillers add up to a cigar that's mellow and supremely smooth, offering notes of wood, hints of nuts, and just a touch of earthiness. Crack open the Champagne when you need a little tobacco intoxication - its ok to tie one off before …
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Man O' War Puro Authentico

Andrew Father's Day Favorites
Another winner from the man with the golden touch. This corona brings in similar flavors to Ruination — all in a nice little package. You'll find some extra spice in this lil' firecracker as the blend of earthy, peaty notes mixes perfectly with the leathery, cedar tones. The stronger, thicker tobaccos used for this flavorful blend also lend it a nice slow burn so it smokes like a robusto. …
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Nub by Oliva

Andrew Rothschild Extras
Loads of flavor in a little package. This guy is the pit bull of the cigar world and must not be underestimated! Great Cuban-esque flavor that yields a medium to full-bodied smoke with notes of leather, spice and wood. For as short as it is, it will last you the better part of an hour if not longer. Give this stubby lovely a try – it's more than worth the sticker price. …
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La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte

Andrew Maduros
This is one of AJ's finest. I know I say that about everything the man makes but it's so true – every one is a gem. This dark and gorgeous cigar showcases a light sheen on its PA broadleaf wrapper, offering up sweet chocolate and cedar notes with just a hint of leather. This one is a beauty and for the price, it can't be beat. Give Oscuro Fuerte a shot today. You will not be disappointed. …
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Partagas Cigars

Andrew Test Of Time
One of the oldest but still one of the greatest in the industry. This classic blend is more reliable than Ole Faithful and never fails to disappoint. When I have some time to relax on a Sunday morning I love to enjoy these after a nice breakfast and a hair of the dog from the night prior. This subtle blend is nice and smooth, slightly woody with a just a few notes of black pepper. For the price …
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