Expert Reviews for August 2010

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  • Cain Nub by Oliva

    Sean G Cain Nub
    464 Torpedo (4.0"x64) Potent and hearty from head to foot with an incredibly smooth finish. The Habano offers spicy nuances throughout that surround a core of earth while the maduro maintains a sweetness that lasts throughout the finish. Both versions are quite complex and will perfectly complement your favorite meal. 460 (4.0"x60) Expect a burst of earth and red pepper from the …
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  • Man O' War Virtue

    Toro (6.0"x50) Incredibly smooth and full-flavored from start to finish. Offers a great balance between earth and cedar with a semi-sweet note on the finish. Churchill (7.5"x52) Produces thick, creamy smoke and maintains a cool, even draw. The complexities are unique as the blend changes in flavor from inch to inch while slowly building in strength. Keeps a bold finish with a rich …
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  • My Father Le Bijou 1922

    Dave My Father Le Bijou
    Petit Robusto (4.5"x50) What a flavor bomb! If you're searching for that hearty, full-bodied maduro that gives off a rich character with little sweetness, then pick up this size. The short and stout 4.5"x50 frame allows for an effortless draw that exudes tons of thick smoke with many competing complexities that swirl around your palate. Many peppery, spicy flavors are present from head …
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