Expert Reviews for February 2008

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  • Cuba Libre

    Epicure (6.0"x50) Excellent burn. The cigar is relatively mellow for the first inch and then explodes with flavor as it burns towards the head. Sweet nuances are noticeable and the finish seems to last longer than expected. The complexities are greatly noticeable from inch to inch. Preferred size. Unico (torpedo) (6.2"x54) Perfectly constructed and offers more complexities than the …
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  • Graycliff Espresso Series

    Bryan Graycliff Double Espresso
    From the first puff, the palate is engulfed with rich, earthy flavors that continue to build as the cigar burns. The wrapper appears to be flawless, showing some tooth and veins, while burning evenly throughout. The strength cannot be under estimated. By the third inch, the cigar is very robust and does give off some slightly sweet nuances. However, these are carefully masked by the intense …
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