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Nica Libre Silver 25th Anniversary

Tim All Summer Long Expert Pick

Nica Libre or Free Nicaragua is a brand that not only celebrates the people’s emancipation but also the amazing tobaccos that are grown and imported into the Central American country.  The latest installment of Nica Libre is called the Silver 25th Anniversary in honor of Violeta Chamorro’s victory in the 1990 Nicaraguan general election.  While my teacher friends could tell you much more about the details, I’ll save my limited vocabulary to try and cover the cigar’s character and complexity. 

Construction, Smoke & Burn
The wrapper is a dark, magohany brown with no tooth.  Even colored, you can tell by looking at it the high priming of the leaf and the high quality.  Using my soft flame it takes awhile to toast the foot.  Next time I’ll use a torch.  The cigar is thick at a 56 gauge and the tobacco are tightly packed.  Despite this the draw is perfect and once I get the foot burning there’s clouds of smoke.  Burn is razor sharp and damn, this cigars feels good in the hand.
SCORE: 33/35

Flavor & Body
This is my 3rd or 5th Silver now and I have to say without a doubt, the next tastes better than the last and the last one was awesome.  At this rate it’ll be my favorite cigar in a few months!  Seriously though I’m really impressed with how the flavor starts, holds steady until about half way through, and then develops a bit on the final 3rd.  Savory is the term that keeps coming to mind.  Toast and light spices give way to a bevy of nuances that include chocolate and vanilla and even apricot.  Wild, really impressive complexity.  Body is medium-full, retrohale makes my eyes sweat and get out the clippers -  it puts (more) hair on my chest.   
SCORE: 23/25

What’s not to like?  It averages about $5 per, so the price is right.  The flavor approaches the quality and complexity Ashton VSG and Cohiba Nicaragua.  Impression?  I’m impressed.
SCORE: 37/40