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Sean G OSA Sol
Lot 50 (5.0”x50): Unique and satisfying from start to finish. The flavor is slightly complex but maintains itself for the majority of the burn. An effortless draw adds to the allure and the box presentation is exception. Overall, a good blend by CAO but you must decide if the special tobaccos featuring in this stick are worth the high price.

Lot 58 (6.5”x58): Wow. Impressive burn and draw. Quite complex with ever-changing flavor. This enormous cigar burns forever, remains cool, and release a plethora of thick smoke with a fantastic aroma. A long finish rests with you for a solid 30 minutes after you're through.

Lot 54 (6.0”x54): Good, but nothing special. Not as complex as Lot 58 and too boring compared to Lot 50 because the flavor characterists are nearly identical. This size keeps a steady flavor and burn from head to foot, with small amount of complexity. No problems with burn, draw, or construction. This one simply lost points because we were expecting a bit more complexity, based on the size.