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Oliva Saison

Sean G
Robusto (5.0"x50): Simply delicious. You're met with a toasty flavor of earth up front while the blend maintains a smooth, creamy character throughout. Expels a solid medium and although the blend isn't too complex, it's straight forward profile keeps your interest from head to foot. This is a cigar you get lost in and at the end, you'll find yourself enjoying the creamy finish while determining when you'll be lighting up another. 93/100 [Buy Now]

Toro (6.0"x50):
Perfectly blended and incredibly balanced from start to finish. The toro size presents the same flavor profile and creamy character you get with the robuso, except the finish is slightly heartier when you get to the last inch. 92/100 [Buy Now]

Churchill (7.0"x50):
This size allows for a bolder character but still maintains a creamy finish. You'll notice a bit more complexity and some slight changes in flavor when compared to the toro and robusto but again, the blend is so well-balanced that its integrity is never compromised. Usually there's a rather big difference in flavor from robusto to Churchill but with Saison, you simply get some more exaggerated changes from first puff to the last with a slightly longer finish.