Expert Reviews for January 2013

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  • Gurkha Red Witch

    Dave Season Of The Witch
    Rothchild (6.0”x54): Medium-bodied with more earth presented than spice. A touch of espresso reveals itself on the exhale while the blend burns even and true from head to foot due to its box-pressed shape. A great blend for any enthusiast. 89/100 [Buy Now] Robusto (5.0”x52): Quite similar to the late Gurkha Regent if you're familiar with that blend. Offers a smoother charater than …
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  • ACID Ltd. by Drew Estate Opulence 3

    Josh Infused Cigars
    I'm not a big fan of "infused" cigars but when Jonathan Drew first handed me a box of Opulence 3 down in Nicaragua, two days later I found myself with 6 sticks left. I was shocked with the blend's fantastic balance between natural tobacco flavors and sweetness. It also contains tobaccos cultivated in 2005, 2006 and 2007. …
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  • CAO Flavours

    Tina Infused Cigars
    This cigar is the true definition of paradise: Bourbon vanilla, Hawaiian white honey, Virginian tobaccos. Not only does it taste like you're on a tropical vacation when you close your eyes and exhale, but it also gets the seal of approval from the nonsmokers around you (who usually give you the evil eye when you puff in their presence). …
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  • Erin Go Bragh

    Alex Infused Cigars
    I won't sugarcoat it; I love whiskey. I also love cigars. Combine the two and in my mind, you have the perfect storm in blending. However, Erin Go Bragh offers only a subtle note of whiskey with sweetness throughout and a light tobacco finish. This is a good starting point for those looking to get into the infused lane. Perfectly balanced. …
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  • Drew Estate Tabak Especial

    Tim Infused Cigars
    I never do this, but I reached for an "infused" cigar the other day; Tabak Especial Red Eye, a shot of espresso in a cigar. I paired it with a Pumpkin beer called "Pumking." I can't believe it, but it was an excellent combo! Red Eye has a light sweetness that quickly fades as the bittersweet coffee-chocolate combo intensifies on the finish. …
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  • Drew Estate Natural

    Andrew Infused Cigars
    Calling this cigar "Dirt" is more akin to calling a blonde bombshell "homely." She's dark but still light on her feet and incredible sweet; she's the kind of gal you can smoke in front of your mother as she'll like the aroma. Heavy with coffee and just a hint of earth make Dirt perfect for dessert. Instead of some decaf as a night cap, try Dirt instead. …
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