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La Palina Red Label

Sean G You'll love this lady in red
La Palina Red Label hails from the PDR factory in the Dominican Republic and appears to be flawlessly constructed with no soft spots and a beautifully applied triple cap. On the cold draw there are hints of sweetness and some readily apparent pepper. This cigar has a gorgeous reddish-hued Ecuador Habano wrapper, and upon lighting I am greeted with a not so subtle blast of red pepper. As the cigar progresses the flavor profile settles down and comes to include notes of citrus fruit, baking spice, graham cracker, and cedar. I would say the strength is a flavorful medium and I am overall impressed with the construction as it burned perfectly and required no touch-ups. This was an immensely pleasurable cigar, although a little mellower than I generally prefer, and for those that enjoy medium-bodied blends I would recommend the La Palina Red Label without hesitation.