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601 Green Oscuro

Sean G 601 Green
La Punta (5.5"x52) Perfect size. The ring gauge allows for an easy draw, without sacrificing the slow burn. Many cocoa nuances noticeable on the palate with much pepper and spice through the nose. Produced almost a 3-inch ash.

Tronco (5.0"x52) Started off robust and heavy with ample spice but refused to mellow out. In addition, the after taste was definitely sweet making this size incredibly well blended. The oils left some residue on the lips and the last two inches were very strong, but highly enjoyable.

La Fuerza (5.5"x54) Medium in length but thick, this size emits a ton of smoke. Although it burned evenly, the smoke seemed slightly hot on the palate but allowed for a rich after taste. Many espresso-like flavors.

Trabuco (6.1"x58) Very big cigar that engulfs the palate with many competing nuances of coffee and pepper. Very complex but the burn followed a vein down the left side. Good cigar but became incredibly intense towards the last 3 inches. Will easily last 90 to 120 minutes with very little to offer in terms of sweetness.