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Cuba Libre


Epicure (6.0"x50) Excellent burn. The cigar is relatively mellow for the first inch and then explodes with flavor as it burns towards the head. Sweet nuances are noticeable and the finish seems to last longer than expected. The complexities are greatly noticeable from inch to inch. Preferred size.

Unico (torpedo) (6.2"x54) Perfectly constructed and offers more complexities than the Epicure. The wrapper is almost flawless with little veins and the draw is very, very easy. Definitely the best size when looking at construction and complexity.

Magnum (5.5"x55) Features a very easy draw, flawless construction. Produces a creamy smoke and many spicy nuances can be tasted. Perfect forty-five minute cigar.

Club Corona (5.5"x44) More robust than the other sizes and the draw is a bit tight. Due to its size, the flavors seem stronger and the spice is abundant from start to finish. Noticed almost no sweet nuances but still, very enjoyable.

Chairman (7.0"x52) The draw is a bit tight for the size; however, this stick offers a stronger experience. The blend is balanced throughout but the burn was slightly uneven. Great to enjoy after a hearty meal.