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Viaje Full Moon Collector's Edition

Tim Viaje Full Moon Collector’s Edition

I’ve been a Viaje fan for some time now. The brand’s Exclusivo is among my favorite cigars on store shelves right now. Despite my affinity for Viaje, Full Moon Collector’s Edition somehow went under my radar. Yes, I know this is a Halloween-themed cigar, so call me late to the party but, I just wanted to share my delight in finally giving this cigar a go. Let’s start with aesthetics - the cigar is wrapped in a gorgeous deep brown Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper that has an earthy and spicy aroma. The pigtail cap is a nice detail that I’m a total sucker for, so this experience is already off to an amazing start. Upon first light, Full Moon has a ton of flavor. Thick mouthfuls of pillowy smoke exude intense flavors of spice, earth, and cocoa. I was expecting an extraordinary cigar and somehow my expectations were blown out of the water throughout the burn. Full Moon is fantastic from top to tail, with a beautiful creaminess reserved for the very best cigars. Is it a surprise that I enjoyed this cigar as much as I did? Not really. The only surprise here is that spring has sprung and it somehow took me this long to sample Full Moon Collector’s Edition.