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Sam Leccia Black

Toro (6.0"x50): A complex flavor profile shines through the well-blended, well-aged blend. With a smoky, toasty character throughout, this stick is simply unique and delicous. Perfectly constructed, there's so much to experience here that you'll never tire of burning this stick.Impressive. 91/100 [Buy Now]

XO (6.0"x60):
Looking for an even more complex experience? The XO will serve you well. The size shoots out plumes of thick smoke with a fantastic aroma that won't offend even the most discerning enthusiasts. You really taste the changes in flavor here with more of the whiskey aroma on the finish. 91/100 [Buy Now]

Robusto (5.0"x52):
Not as enjoyable as the other sizes since it lacks the same amount of complexity. But still, this size is great for a quick preview as to just how boldly complex the blend can get. 90/100 [Buy Now]

Corona (4.0"x46):
Really zesty with very little sweetness. Nearly tastes like a completely different blend. Not for everyone, but those who love a really quick smoke in a super bold, robust format will die for this corona.