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Diesel Uncut

It’s no secret we love Diesel around the office. And when we look at sales numbers, we can see you agree with us. So naturally, when Diesel Uncut hit the docks, they moved out pretty quickly. So now that the dust has settled a bit, it’s time to fire one up for a review.

Diesel Uncut wasn’t what I expected. It’s got a rich cedary core that gives off a semi-sweet finish. And the finish is excellent. Just incredibly smooth and pairs really well with light coffee. I expected a ton of spice but didn’t really detect any until halfway through. And even then, it’s subtle and sits on the back of palate. Also, the unfinished foot provides for a nice, easy light. With cadre of cigars to choose from here, I’ve found myself coming back to these over and over. There are better cigars to enjoy over the weekend but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better everyday option that’s easy on the wallet but heavy on the palate.