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CAO Black Mosaic (Corona) (6.0"x42) Pack of 10

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Fade to Black; only $2.50 apiece plus free shipping!

CAO Black is the original CAO blend that put the brand on the map. Only available at and a small number of retailers worldwide, these cigars are often difficult to find. We have them now and they're on sale. CAO Black is a rare find in more ways than one. Medium-bodied and perfectly balanced, the amount of flavor these golden sticks produce is quite surprising. Creamy and lush with nuances of coffee, nougat, and vanilla, usually complexity like this is only associated with fuller-bodied blends. CAO Black received a perfect 10 out of 10 rating from Cigar Buyer Magazine. This is the ideal time to pick up a pack of this easy-burning, thoroughly enjoyable, all-time fan favorite. 

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Bugatti Ambassador Robusto (5.0"x52) Pack of 10

$39.99 $110.0064% off In Stock

Give this smooth ride a test-drive.

Depending on your age, the name BUGATTI either conjures up images of grand antique automobiles or the sleek, modern day super sports car. Either way, BUGATTI is synonymous with luxury and refinement, and the cigars that bear the name better live up to that promise. Oh, how they do!

BUGATTI Ambassador is a gorgeous specimen of a cigar, coming dressed in a milky, smooth Ecuador Habano wrapper. A peek under the hood reveals a core of premium Dominican Republic, Brazil, Pennsylvania, and Nicaragua long-leaves. Medium-bodied and smooth, your motor will be running with sweet, creamy flavors and a whisper of subtle spice. This cigar performs perfectly throughout, from its painless draw to the razor sharp burn, BUGATTI Ambassador is a thoroughbred blend right down to the nub. With its eye catching packaging and impeccable pedigree, it’s time to park a BUGATTI in your humidor.

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Java by Drew Estate Robusto (5.5"x50) Pack of 10

$49.99 $92.0046% off In Stock

Better than Starbucks.

There is no question coffee and cigars go well together. Here at the offices we are a little A LOT obsessed, regularly sampling new roasts with different cigar blends to see what combination works best — always trying to discover the elusive 'best pairing of them all'. We're still searching for that Holy Grail, but one thing we found is that you don't always need to brew up a hot pot of joe to get the whole coffee/cigar combo experience...  

Skip the cup and go with JAVA cigars. The mad geniuses at Drew Estate have skillfully combined creamy coffee, tobacco, & a hint of chocolate in one amazing blend. Perfectly sweet & thoroughly smooth, anticipate rich nuances of dark roast coffee beans bolstered with an unreal aroma. Now's the time to procure a fresh lot of JAVA by Drew Estate, as 10-packs are ONLY $49.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

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