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Man O' War Virtue Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 15

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Smooth, not soft.

A Connecticut Shade... done Man O' War style! Virtue finds AJ Fernandez bringing a mellower, yet still very full-flavored blend to the Man O' War portfolio. This cigar is an excellent example of tobacco artistry, as it successfully combines the right amount of dark Nicaraguan Ligero long-filler with a golden-brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. This recipe results in a smooth & relaxing cigar, with a little kick to remind you it's a card-carrying member of the Man O' War family. What you have here is a bona fide bargain on one of the tastiest Connecticut blends on the market.

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Cu-Avana Punisher Toro (6.0"x54) Pack of 10

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Be warned, Punisher is no joke.

This full-bodied, potent blend of Nicaraguan ligero tobaccos is one of the strongest cigars we've ever experienced. The original Cu-Avana brand was created by legendary cigar producer Manuel Quesada. The idea behind Cu-Avana was to create a blend presenting an exorbitant amount of flavor, while maintaining a smooth character and a mellow body. Fans of Cu-Avana will agree that the goal was met, with both the natural and maduro versions, offering a complexity rarely seen in subtle cigars obtained without sacrificing its mellow characteristics. Recently, enthusiasts across the globe have been seeking out stronger, more robust cigars. Therefore, it was time to add a full-bodied blend to the Cu-Avana line. To complete this feat, the reins were passed to Nestor Plasencia, who developed a tasty, full-bodied treat originating from Nicaragua.

You'll feel the power of Punisher as soon as the cigar touches your lips—it’s natural to experience a numbing feeling even before you light this firecracker up. Just'll be ok. The cigar exudes a creamy smoke filled with copious amounts of spice and pepper, and is well-balanced with natural earthy sensations mixed throughout. Don't expect sweetness from this powerhouse. We highly recommend you enjoy this one on a full stomach. New enthusiasts and experienced aficionados be warned: this cigar is incredibly strong and super spicy.

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Espinosa Alpha Dawg Robusto (5.0"x50) Box of 10

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A dog will hunt.

Erik Espinosa, the man behind some well-known brands such as Laranja Reserva and 601, has been involved in the cigar industry for most of his life, over the past decade especially, he's been delivering the good goods. Enter his excellent Espinosa release, Alpha Dawg. The name's a nod to his larger than life persona, and while truth is his heart is bigger than his mouth, neither skips a beat. 

Hailing from the La Zona factory in Nicaragua, Alpha Dawg is a potent Nicaraguan Puro, packed to the gills with exclusively top-notch Nicaraguan tobaccos, topped by an oily NIcaraguan Habano Rosado wrapper. With a woodsy, cedar-like character, this medium to full-bodied premium delivers rich notes of oak, leather, earth, chocolate, and pepper. Get ready for a wild flavor ride and a super rich aroma, as La Zona has done it again. Another after-dinner winner with the Espinosa Alpha Dawg.

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