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Fonseca Arana Toro (6.0"x50) Pack of 20

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Best-Selling Dark Dominicans!

Fonseca is one of Cuba's oldest and most popular brands, and for the past four decades, it has also called the Dominican Republic home. Today the brand is in the hands of cigar legend Manuel Quesada, considered by many to be the best blender in the DR, with Fonseca being one of his finest brands.

If you've been searching for an everyday, medium-bodied Habano, Fonseca Araña is where it's at! This beauty is chock-full of well-aged Dominican long-leaf, secured soundly by a zesty Criollo binder, and topped off with a dark & oily Habano wrapper. The recipe combines to create a slightly spicy, slightly sweet flavor profile with earthy nuances of cashew and leather. Bottom-line, there's superb quality and complexity up for grabs, especially impressive when you consider this special price drop.

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Romeo y Julieta Vintage #7.5 (6.2"x54) Pack of 15

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Mellow Magic.

As one of the most popular cigars in the world, Romeo y Julieta debuted in Cuba in 1875, and has since established a strong reputation for uncompromising quality & flavor. Almost 100 years after the brand's creation, production expanded outside of Cuba, and a new chapter was about to begin. While brands and cigar companies have lasted decades in the business, rarely will you find a blend that has remained intact that long. Romeo y Julieta Vintage is one of the few exceptions. 

Remaining unchanged for over 20 years, Romeo Vintage comes loaded with smooth & sultry Dominican long-leaf underneath a golden brown Connecticut Shade wrapper. The result is one of the most universally pleasing blends in the business. Any enthusiast will enjoy this mellow and balanced cigar ripe with notes of cedar, cashew, coffee, & cream. Through this email offer, score 15 Romeo Vintage toros for only $59.99 PLUS FREE SHIPPING while supplies last!

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Illusione Original Documents Toro Gordo (6.0"x56) Pack of 5

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A testament to the true art of cigar creation.  

Illusione's tobaccos are cultivated from the best fields in Nicaragua's Estelí and Jalapa Valley growing regions. The farms are managed by expert Cuban growers who specialize in cultivating Corojo and Criollo seeds. From these farms, the makers of Illusione developed one of the most premium, Cuban-esque cigars ever made.

These Nicaraguan Puros are medium to full-bodied and present an elegantly complex character that you'll absolutely love. You'll be met with light spices up front while the cigar transitions between peat, earth, and cedar with a hearty, full-flavored finish. What makes Illusione so special are its filler tobaccos — solely comprised of Corojo '99 and Criollo '98 tobaccos, which are all masked with a reddish-brown Colorado Habano wrapper. Potent, full-flavored, and smooth with a toasty aroma, every aficionado should try Illusione at least once.

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