Expert Reviews for January 2012

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  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

    Belicoso (5.5"x54) In our opinion, this is the best size of the blend. The maduro wrapper and the zesty fillers blend harmoniously to form a well-balanced cigar with mixtures of chocolate and a spice that lingers on your palate. Magnifico (6.0"x52) Similar to the Belicoso, this blend features a well-balanced smoke with excellent construction. The smaller ring gauge, however, makes …
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  • San Cristobal

    Josh Cuban-esque Coronas
    I love maduros and I'm a big fan of Don Pepin Garcia. In fact, the Don gave me a personal cigar rolling lesson once. Anyway, put the two together, add in a sprinkling of the Ashton brand and you walk away with a stunning premium that's worth the extra coin. All-Nicaraguan, all-maduro, full-bodied, complex, super smooth, and rated '93.' …
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  • CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon

    Tina Cuban-esque Coronas
    I snagged on of these from Tim's humidor a while back (sorry, Tim!), and have been loving them ever since. If you're looking for a ton of flavor without the kick, this is your cigar. Its nutty, earthy character adds a smooth complexity that can be enjoyed either in the morning or after dinner. …
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  • Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

    Alex Cuban-Esque Coronas
    America, F-Yeah! Besides the fact that I love the name, I set my sights on Alec Bradley American Classic due to its unbelieveable price. I've finally found a corona focused around value. Top-notch, premium Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the filler and binder while a Connecticut leaf masks the ourside - all under $5. Insert '90' rating here. …
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  • Man O' War Puro Authentico

    Tim Cuban-Esque Coronas
    Full-bodied and full of spice, Puro Authentico is the perfect blend in the perfect size for me. This my be AJ's personal cigar, but it's now my evening cigar. Every evening. I hope AJ's OK with me taking a chunk out of his stash. Tasting notes: tastes good...real good. Buy our sampler and try this cigar, it's the right thing to do. …
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  • Diesel Cigars

    Andrew Cuban-Esque Coronas
    Who said bigger is better? I'll tell ya what, this is where it's at, people. Diesel corona: just like its big brother but pint sized. Offering notes of leather and spice on an earthy background yet still smooth, this little guy will last you the better part of an hour if you smoke it properly. Give one a shot and see the greatness these fine coronas have to offer. …
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