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Nica Libre

Sean G
Imperial (6.0"x54) Burned slow and even but still maintained a great draw. Earthy nuances were abundant with a light sweet character. Easily will last 70 minutes. Strength increased towards the head.

Torpedo (6.0"x52) Complexities between coffee and cocoa exist throughout with a unique earthy note that remained on the palate once extinguished. Incredibly smooth.

Exclusivo (5.5"x50) Robust at first before opening up into a pleasant medium body. Featured a rich character and perfect to enjoy for about 40 minutes after dinner.

Diplomatico (7.0"x50) Burned slow but with a tight draw. Spice was easily noticable from start to finish as the character developed and became stronger inch by inch. Save some time to enjoy this one.
Principe (4.5"x46) A great 30 minute cigar. Incredibly potent with a rich, chocolately character. Lost points for burning too hot and slightly uneven