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Ave Maria Divinia

Michael Expert Picks: Habano Heat Wave Expert Pick

Be ready to be blown away by they brilliance and appearance of the box-pressed Divinia. Providing an extremely smooth draw, this cigar burns perfectly with a pleasant, unexpected mellow balance along with nuances of chocolate, espresso, and hints of hazelnut. This is one "Cuban-esque" blend to enjoy, especially when paired with an aged Rum.

Be ready to be blown away by they brilliance and appearance of the box-pressed Divinia. Providing an extremely smooth draw, this cigar burns perfectly with a pleasant, unexpected mellow balance along with nuances of chocolate, espresso, and hints of hazelnut. This is one "Cuban-esque" blend to enjoy, especially when paired with an aged Rum.

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Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro

Michael Expert Picks: Must-Have Maduros Expert Pick
Rocky Patel Twentieth Maduro will have you loving Maduro all over again. Sporting a rich wrapper from the esteemed Jamastran Valley, you'll find an exceptional blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos in this medium to full-bodied cigar. Flavors of cedar, chocolate, and a natural sweetness are abound—be ready for this smooth operator! …
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Aging Room Quattro F55

Michael Expert Picks: Summer Starters Expert Pick
The 2003 Sumatra wrapper, along with its Dominican and Habano long-leaf filler, is well-balanced with notes of cedar, coffee, and pepper. Construction and burn are excellent, and the box-press puts it over the top. Aging Room Quattro F55 is one of my favorites, and I can assure you, it will be one of yours after the first draw.…
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Expert Picks: All-Time Greats

Michael Expert Picks: All-Time Greats Expert Pick
This '90' rated blend is one I always have in my humidor. Classic has a creamy, medium body accentuated by Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers, all finished with a Sumatra wrapper. With earthy hints and a toasty finish, these will become a constant in your humidor. This is one Classic that's a perfect 10 for everyone!…
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Rocky Patel Sun Grown

Michael Expert Picks: Spring Into Sun Grown Expert Pick
This '91' rated, bold cigar entices the most intricate of palates. Box-pressed, with an attractive appearance, this cigar contains a robust blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos covered by a Broadleaf wrapper. This combination provides satisfying notes of earth and bittersweet chocolate. Rocky Patel Sun Grown is destined to be one of your favorites!…
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Macanudo Inspirado Orange

Michael Expert Picks: Spring Favorites Expert Pick
An excellent '92' rated, medium to full-bodied blend, this balanced medley of tri-country long-leaf filelrs are covered with a tantalizing Honduran wrapper. This premium will impress your palate with rich, creamy notes of sweet pepper, almonds, and hints of leather with a slight mesquite quality. You'll be convinced Orange is the new Mac!…
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Zino Platinum Scepter Series

Michael Expert Picks: Silver & Gold Expert Pick
A unique blend of Dominican and Peruvian fillers, draped in a silky Ecuador wrapper makes the mellow to medium-bodied Zino Platinum zesty, sweet, rich, and creamy. This '91' rated gem yields a complex flavor profile with a smooth body—a must-have for any occasion, this is one that will find a permanent home in your humidor.…
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Punch Rare Corojo (2017)

Michael Expert Picks: Winter Winners Expert Pick
Punch Rare Corojo features a beautiful Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos tucked beneath. With a well-deserved '92' rating, this gem is robust, full-bodied, and smooth with an easy draw. A "rare" experience that will leave you coming back for more.…
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My Father El Centurion

Michael Expert Picks: Favorite Fallbacks Expert Pick
Wrapped in a smooth Sun Grown Criollo '98 leaf, this cigar utilizes rare Nicaraguan long-fillers. This rich, unique blend delivers notes of cocoa, leather, earthiness, with hints of spice and dark fruits. This medium to full-bodied premium is a treat for the palate. A must-have if you enjoy creations from Don Pepin Garcia.…
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CAO Brazilia Cigars

Michael Expert Picks: Absolute All-Stars Expert Pick
I've come to love CAO Brazilia Gol! for its rich nuances and enticing aroma. The blend features a unique Brazilian wrapper with Nicaraguan long-fillers at the center—a combination that leads to notes of chocolate, pepper, earth, and a long spicy finish. This cigar's rich aroma and complex profile makes Brazilia a winner every time.…
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Espinosa Laranja Reserva

Michael Expert Picks: A Summer to Savor Expert Pick
Espinosa Laranja Reserva is a '94' rated masterpiece. It boasts a Brazilian wrapper and Nicaraguan long-leaf tobacco. Laranja hits a home run with its natural sweetness, hints of spice, nuts, and pepper. This cigar is complex yet well balanced, and if you are looking for a fine cigar to enjoy on summer nights, this is the one for you!…
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Brick House

Michael Expert Picks: Father's Favorites Expert Pick
This '93' rated masterpiece from Nicaragua expels a rich character with balanced flavor. With its Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan long-leaf tobacco, this cigar will please the most complex of palates with enjoyable flavors and an oily feel. After a few draws, you will understand why this cigar is indeed Mighty Mighty.…
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Ave Maria Cigars

Michael Expert Picks: Choice Churchills Expert Pick
Blended by AJ Fernandez himself, Ave Maria is one of the finest cigars available. Showcasing an Ecuador Habano wrapper with a Nicaraguan long-leaf tobacco, this is an exquisite blend. Well-balanced with a creamy profile, Ave Maria is one of my favorites.…
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Expert Picks: Spring Fever

Michael Expert Picks: Spring Fever Expert Pick
Named for the main character on Fox’s TV series Empire, Lucious Lyon is smooth as silk and mellow. A true classic Connecticut blend, this premium offers rich notes of leather, cream, nuts, and a slight spice on the finish. A great cigar for any time of day.  …
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Signature Habano

Michael Expert Picks: Year of the Favorites Expert Pick
The Signature Habano cigar is a great medium to full-bodied gem that AJ Fernandez helped create. The Habano wrapper drapes Italian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian long-fillers. The result is a rich, smooth, aromatic experience with a slight sweetness. A great premium for pairing with a nice cocktail.…
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Gurkha Warpig

Michael Expert Picks: Holiday Classics Expert Pick
Warpig is a must! Its striking Nicaraguan maduro wrapper and mix of Dominican and Honduran fillers create complex undertones of cocoa, espresso, and cinnamon, matched with powerful black pepper and oak. This cigar is irresistible with impeccable construction, emitting thick clouds and satisfying flavor.…
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Punch Bareknuckle

Michael Expert Picks: After Dinner Powerhouses Expert Pick
Punch Bareknuckle will knock you proverbial socks off with its multi-country blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos draped in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Ensure this champion is always on hand for those moments you want to "go a few rounds" with a real powerhouse.…
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Punch Rare Corojo (2017)

Michael Expert Picks: Hip to be Squared Expert Pick
This Punch is rare for a number of reasons, from the limited yearly production to the unique tobaccos utilized to create its spectacular, full flavor. When aged, the blend flourishes to create an experience that’s indeed rare, and packs a punch that will have you craving this box-pressed beauty for years to come!…
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5 Vegas Gold

Michael Expert Picks: Connecticut Summer Expert Pick
5 Vegas Gold is one of my favorite cigars and is perfect for any time of the day. Honduran tobacco that is aged for 5 years is paired with a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper. You can be sure that 5 Vegas Gold will have you feeling like a winner every time.…
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Expert Picks: Guilded Gifts

Michael Expert Picks: Gilded Gifts Expert Pick
From the hit television series, Empire, comes Lucious Lyon! This cigar is a classic Connecticut-wrapped gem with an expertly detailed mixture of Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, and Nicaraguan long-leaf fillers. This handmade is gentle, smooth, and mellow. …
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Signature Habano

Michael Expert Picks: Big League Blends Expert Pick
This chunky robusto is rich and complex while remaining very balanced. There is a nice amount of sweetness and spice that lingers on the front of the palate, not to mention a one-of-a-kind flavor from its Honduran wrapper, unique Peruvian fillers, and filler leaf from the Pueblo Nuevo region of Nicaragua.…
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Padilla Habano

Michael Expert Picks: Spring Break Expert Pick
Padilla Habano offers excellence from the very first draw. A tantalizing blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos are draped in an oily, Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Offering subtle hints of spice and chocolate with a nice little kick of pepper on the finish to keep your taste buds fully awake, this is the must-have cigar to relax with at the end of your day.…
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