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Cain 'F' Nub by Oliva

Dave Cain F
Robusto (5.7"x50) Perfectly balanced which makes this size a real treat. The initial flavor presents a bouquet of earth and black pepper while drastically building in strength from start to finish. The finish offers no sweetness as its hearty, thick smoke engulfs your palate. Great stick.

Torpedo (6.0"x54) Complex and robust from the start. Intense notes of spice and pepper mask any earthy nuances while the finish remains bold with notes of cedar. Be sure to cut the head more than 1/4 inch down to ensure an effortless draw. Ages very well.

Double Toro (6.0"x60) Strong, potent, robust, powerful and recommended on a full stomach. Seriously, you'll feel the strength of this size in your head as well as your gut so we recommend enjoying this one after a heavy meal. The blend is complex, but its strength overpowers. If you like full-tilt, full-bodied cigars and care little about their complexity, go with this size.