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Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

Dave Pepin Garcia Serie JJ
Belicoso (5.7" x 52) Great burn and offered a perfect draw. Many competing nuances of earth and pepper were noticeable throughout. Slight hint of sugar existed in the finish.

Selectos (5" x 50) Robust flavors were present from the start but the cigar seemed a bit mellow for the blend. Burned slightly uneven but it corrected itself quickly. Noticed more earthy sensations over pepper.

Salomon (7.2" x 57) A complex blend that became incredibly robust after 2 inches. Strong and hearty with many spicy undertones and emitted a ton of smoke. 

Sublime (6" x 54) Offered a variety of complexities from start to finish and changed in flavor throughout. The draw was easy and the cigar burned cool. Smoke emitted a cedar-like aroma with a peaty characteristic. The finish was strong and really robust.