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Ave Maria Reconquista

An elegant, super premium that competes with OpusX, God of Fire, and even Graycliff's most expensive sticks, Ave Maria Reconquista will change your perception of super premium cigars - we guarantee it.

Ave Maria Reconquista is simply the real deal packed in beautiful boxes of 12, each cigar in an individual coffin for the ultimate experience in quality, presentation, flavor, and aging. Only 16,000 boxes have ever been created, as the blend's Brazilian Habano Oscuro wrapper is so limited that this is the only cigar in the world to feature it. That's right, no other cigar in the world sports a Brazilian Habano Oscuro wrapper - which puts Ave Maria Reconquista in a league of its own.

Lift the heavy lid of this special box and you'll find a stunning presentation of 12 individual coffin boxes under a beautiful, hand-drawn vista. Inside each coffin lay a Reconquista - a Cuban-seed beauty packed full of premium Nicaraguan tobaccos from Condega, Jalapa, and Esteli - the country's most premier growing regions. To finish the blend, a dark, oily, toothy, rich and potent Brazilian Habano Oscuro leaf rests on the outside, concealing a premium Honduran leaf as a binder.

What should you expect with Reconquista? A whirlwind of complex flavors that intermingle with every single one of your taste buds. You'll find tons of different spices, a core of tobacco flavors, earth, pepper, some sweet nuances and a toasty finish - just for starters. This blend is so complex and well-aged that you could have a slightly different, yet unique experience with every different Reconquista you light up. Expect only the finest in quality as this tasty, balanced, full-bodied blend tantalizes your palate and soothes your mood. If you had to choose one cigar as your final smoke - something you've never even tried before - we promise you that Ave Maria Reconquista will not only surprise but thoroughly satisfy you to your core.