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My Father

No. 2 (5.2"x54) Easily the best size in the line. The head of this torpedo only tapers slightly, allowing for an easy, consistent cut. Its length and ring guage perfectly compliment one another, creating an effortless draw while releasing thick, aromatic smoke with many competing spicy complexities.

No. 4 (7.5"x38) Truly impressive for a long lancero. Surprisingly, the stick burned perfectly even but without a tight draw, although thick smoke was left to be desired. Incredibly complex with a robust character from the start, this size builds in strength from head to foot but provides an elegantly smooth character with a long, enjyoable finish.

No. 3 (6.0"x49) Enjoyable and perfect everyday. A slightly tight draw prevented thick smoke, which was disappointing since this blend offers a great aroma. However, the blend increased in strength and complexity from start to finish without becoming overwhelmingly strong. The aftertaste also contained a nutty flavor which was not noticeable in the other sizes.

No. 1 (5.2"x52) Its not often a robusto is rated so low but this size lost points due to faulty construction. The draw was great and the flavor was incredibly enjoyable with perfect balance between earth and hot, spicy sensations. However, the burn was uneven from the start and never corrected itself.