Expert Reviews for August 2008

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  • La Herencia Cubana

    Sean G
    Robusto (5.0"x50) Complex right from the start with a sweetness on the lips and earthy nuances on the palate. Spice was noticeable but not overwhelming. Allowed for a medium finish, cool burn, and produced a ton of creamy smoke. Torpedo (6.5"x52) Great size – very complex. Offered nuances of pepper, peat, earth, cedar, sugar cane and a hint of vanilla with a robust finish. …
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  • CAO America

    Sean G
    Monument (6.2"x54) Complex with layers of spice and earth masked by an enjoyable underlying sweetness. The draw was a bit tighter than expected but the cigar burned even and true throughout. Strong, robust finish. Constitution (6.0"x50) Burned even, true, and cool throughout. Offered competeing notes of earth and sweetness from start to finish without ever becoming too strong. Great …
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