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AVO XO was one of the first premium cigars I ever had. They began selling in New York in 1988 following a relationship between master cigar maker Hendrik Kelner in the Dominican Republic and the musician and cigar aficionado, Avo Uvezian. A smooth and seamless Connecticut wrapper is rolled flawlessly around a complex, five country long filler blend. The strength is on the lighter side of medium the cigar offers smooth, earthy flavors mixed with hints of cedar and toasted nuts. A slight spice is noticed on the finish occasionally and a subtle floral aroma fills the air. While the ash is a bit weak and flaky at times, the burn is always even and the draw is effortless. AVO XO is a very balanced, smooth Dominican blend with complex flavors and a delightful aromatic quality. I enjoy these as a morning or mid-day indulgence when I’m looking for something with a ton of flavor without all the strength.