Expert Reviews for June 2008

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  • 601 Green Oscuro

    Sean G 601 Green
    La Punta (5.5"x52) Perfect size. The ring gauge allows for an easy draw, without sacrificing the slow burn. Many cocoa nuances noticeable on the palate with much pepper and spice through the nose. Produced almost a 3-inch ash. Tronco (5.0"x52) Started off robust and heavy with ample spice but refused to mellow out. In addition, the after taste was definitely sweet making this size …
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  • 5 Vegas Series 'A'

    Alpha (6.0"x52) Robust during the first 2 inches, but mellows to become richer in flavor towards the band. Produced many hints of pepper, which blended well with the chocolaty aftertaste. Also offered an easy draw, slow burn, and thick smoke. Artisan (5.0"x52) Great size. Well blended and extremely complex offering nuances of earth, peat, and cocoa. The initial light was not as …
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